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Zinnovate Wins Business Worldwide Magazine Award

Zinnovate Wins Business Worldwide Magazine Award

Swedish IT Consultancy Zinnovate International has been recognised for outstanding innovation by Business Worldwide Magazine in their 2017 Global Corporate Excellence Awards. The awards seek to identify and honour the most respected companies and their C-level executives, while recognising and rewarding outstanding success, innovation and ethics across international business communities.

The work of HÃ¥kan Nilsson and his team has led to the company being awarded the accolade of ‘Best Management Consultancy in Global Logistics Industry’.

Zinnovate’s unique and disruptive approach has led to rapid growth, with the business currently boasting a blossoming network spanning 15 countries. Their aim is to help companies maximise performance and improve business processes, seamlessly switching from local to global and taking a holistic approach to the systems, processes and people behind organisations.

Zinnovate has quickly become a big name in the freight forwarding and logistics industry, supporting businesses in working internationally by going digital. What makes the company unique is a rare combination of strategic insight and the execution expertise necessary to make plans a reality.

Prior to founding Zinnovate, Nilsson himself spent 23 years buying IT products and services for the global freight forwarding industry. In an enormously fast-paced change environment with mergers and acquisitions across the globe, he was quickly able to accumulate experience across a wide range of disciplines and departments.

Nilsson explains why Zinnovate’s approach is disruptive: “Only if you manage to orchestrate change across all key areas do you stand a chance of maximising synergies and realising your full potential. Simply by harnessing the dual powers of visionary thinking and make-it-happen expertise Zinnovate has been able to help our clients reach unprecedented performance levels.”

The company’s leadership ethos is also unique, with clear focus on what Nilsson describes as Return on Competence (ROC). Everything the team does revolves around Value to Customer, Personal Development and Joy and Passion. There’s a clear emphasis on supporting and encouraging employees and creating a happy environment in which people can thrive and achieve their full potential. Staff are rewarded for hard work, and since happy workforces have been proven to deliver better levels of customer service, it’s clear to see how the company has gone from strength to strength.

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