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US Gaining Vital Skills From Brexit

US Gaining Vital Skills From Brexit

Global resourcing specialist BPS World has published research on the likely impact of the UK vote to leave the European Union (commonly referred to as Brexit). BPS spoke to business leaders, representative bodies and professionals in the recruitment and retention sectors in the USA, Europe, India and Australia. The research found that, as a result of Brexit, people with high-end digital and engineering skills are likely to be put off going to Britain and are more likely, instead, to work in other English speaking countries, particularly the US. Their skills are in very short supply in the US so this is likely to have a positive impact on the US economy.

Although the UK will not be leaving the EU until 2019 an announcement on the shape of Brexit is expected soon. Under so-called ‘hard-Brexit’ freedom of movement would be restricted and it would be as difficult for talent to be recruited from France as it is from the US, and it is this that is likely to benefit English-speaking countries such as the US.

Both Britain and the US are leading players in the global talent market and the recruitment sectors in both countries need to retain that influential position. However, uncertainty reigns as the new presidency in the US takes a strong stance on immigration and the British government negotiates the terms of Brexit.

Mariano Zadeh, Managing Director of 4finance in Miami, is one of those quoted in the report who believes that as a result of Brexit more talent could be lured to the US. He said; “I think the US needs to focus on the service economy, on tech jobs – renewable energy, new economy etc.”.

Simon Conington, Founder of BPS World argued; “2017 is going to be a pivotal year for the global economy. The US could well take advantage of Brexit, but only if the President welcomes skilled overseas nationals to the US. If not, it is clear from our research, that other English-speaking economies will boom as they are at last able to meet their skill needs.”

Brexit: What the World is Saying is available free to download from

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