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How to drive up profitability when trading in the EU – A guide to using translation services

How to drive up profitability when trading in the EU – A guide to using translation services

The EU is an interesting place to trade, given the number of languages spoken there. It means that trading in the EU comes with the added complication of needing language translation services if you want to conduct your business successfully and trade between countries. Below, we’ll go over how to work with human translation services so that you can keep trade moving smoothly across borders.

How Translation Services Benefit Trading in the EU

What are interpreting and translation services? You might see the words translation and interpretation used interchangeably. In actuality, translation handles converting written text from one language to another. Interpretation handles spoken language. If you need someone to handle a phone call or meeting as you make trade deals, you’d call an interpreter. If you need documents translated, that’s where document translation services come into play.

According to Ofer Tirosh, CEO of Tomedes, using translation services is necessary for a wide array of documents when trading in the EU. Shipping over international borders often requires a wide variety of legal documents, like a bill of lading, a packing list, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, an0d letters of credit. A professional company can translate these documents so that they stay the same from language to language, with nothing being lost in translation. A mistranslation in important legal shipping documents could mean voided contracts, misunderstood payment terms, or incorrect packing information, as a few examples. That’s why it’s so important to find a quality human translation that can ensure your document stays the same when crossing borders.

You may also want to look into certified translation services, where the translator signs a document stating that the translated text is an accurate representation of the original. Certification paperwork is often a requirement with government departments.

Human translation services are a must for trading in the EU because of the sheer number of languages spoken. The EU has 24 official languages, so it’s important to keep communications running smoothly when trading. Machine translation doesn’t make the grade when it comes to this level of complexity.

Blending Human Translation with Industry Experience

The EU is one of the largest trading blocs in the world, accounting for 15% of global trade. As such, it’s important to get your translations right. Always make sure to look at the background of the service you are looking into working with.

If you need a certified translation, your translator needs to have experience with that. The same goes for legal translation, marketing translation, and any other specialist field. Ask for testimonials from other clients, check references for individual translators, and scour reviews for larger agencies.

When vetting translation services, ask to see their certificate of translation template. It should look official. You can also ask the agency how it ensures it follows industry guidelines when it comes to certified translations.

You might also consider checking the educational and work history of any translators you are working with if you choose to use individual, freelance translators. Your translator should be able to show some sort of training or other commitment to their profession. They might have a bachelor’s degree with a major in the language they translate, have obtained translation-specific qualifications, or be able to demonstrate years of work experience.

How to Find Translation Services

Many people ask around their professional network to see if anyone can recommend translation services that provide quality work. Your peers who trade internationally might know of a service that works with the types of documents you use in the shipping and trade industry, such as packing lists and the like.

You can also try finding translation services online. You can use local search terms related to your area. For instance, if you live in London, you might use translation services in London or even a more general translation services near me search term. You could also search for things like legal translation services London, to find an appropriate local service. The translation services that are listed on the first page of Google usually take their business seriously.

Once you compile your list of viable translation services, check to see what they will be like to work with. Analyse how the company communicates during your initial contact with them. Ask questions that will put them on the spot. For instance, ask: how long does a translation take? The company should give you a detailed, fast, and direct answer. (In this instance, the answer is that it’s impossible to say without knowing the language and type of content!).

How to Work Productively with Translation Services

It’s easy to think that handing over a document to a translation services company is the end of the process. However, there are a few communication tips for working with translation services that you should keep in mind:

  • Be open about anything that needs to stay in the document tone-wise. Any input you give will help to ensure a high-quality translation that meets your needs.
  • Ask someone who speaks the language of the translation to look over the document. They can tell you if it looks good from a native standpoint. You might also ask someone you trust who receives the document to make sure it looks good linguistically and even legally.

By making sure you keep the lines of communication open across all stages, you can better ensure a smooth process as your important documents get translated to help you trade across the EU.

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