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Quality Euro Floors

Quality Euro Floors

Quality Euro Floors is focused on offering a quality service to domestic as well as commercial clients all over London, and our wood floors sanding business has been improving wooden floors for many years, and the most widespread question we get asked is, How could I restore my wood floor?

For varnished or maybe lacquered wood floor retaining thе rеаl ѕеаl in gооd соndіtіоn, wе аdvіѕе mechanical сlеаnіng to get rid оf the accumulated ѕurfасе soiling, роlіѕhеѕ аnd thеn ѕсuffіng. A nеw polish оr drеѕѕіng can then bе uѕеd аddіng рrоtесtіоn, іmрrоvіng аnd re-establishing thе beautiful fіnіѕh. As a business, it is essential to support people who support us. We service all of the London metropolitan area.

We have found this battling economy to be a positive motivator for our organization. We have improved upon our service, response time, scheduling as well as the use of better equipment. We guarantee you will receive not just the best treatment possible being a customer, but you will get a high-quality job at a reasonable price. With our pricing list, you could choose the price that best suits your budget.

At our first consultation, you are going to be provided with all the details you need to proceed with assurance knowing you understand fully what is involved, the time it should take and then how to maintain your floors while the job is finalized. You should expect the estimated time to take roughly 1 hour.

Our Mission and Vision

At Quality Euro Floors, we believe that our company is nothing without its customers. It’s our duty to see that you get the best Wood Floors and even Service that is possible. Schedule your in–home consultation now to find out the big difference a real home or perhaps business improvement could make!

  • We are going to assist in examining the condition of the floor and suggesting the suitable wood floor cleaning support.
  • Previously oiled wood floor can typically be lightly cleaned and then refreshed, where a deeper clean is needed re-oiling will be essential to give full protection again.
  • While hardwood floors are tough, they will occasionally need, professional cleaning and also upkeep to help protect from wear and then boost the appearance.
  • In case your wood floor surface has experienced total wear to the seal and the floor area is now unprotected, soiling will begin to become ingrained in the wood. At this point sanding and sealing is needed to restore its complete beauty, this procedure is wood floor rejuvenation and will restore even seriously worn floors to like-new look once again.

    Quality Euro Floors offer professional knowledge and expert wood floor improving solutions for maintaining every hardwood floor. Kindly contact us today to see how we may assist you, thank you.

    Quality Euro Floors

    Address: 148 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, Fulham, London SW6 2UH

    Phone number: 020 3903 8745
    Price Range: ££