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Post Office travel insurance

Post Office travel insurance

Travel insurances have been gaining popularity in recent years. But what exactly are they? Travel insurance is aimed to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while you are traveling, let it be internationally or domestically.

Travel insurance basically looks after your holiday and those travelling and facing unexpected possibilities such as annulment, robbery, flight delay, accidents and unforeseen illness. Holiday insurance policies differ to provide for the many types of trips that travelers take around the globe, so it is significant to check that you have the right cover for the holiday you are preparing before you get one.

As well as normal policies that cover shared problems, there are also specialized policies like ski cover, cruise cover and gadget cover that give defense for exact conditions. So whether you are taking the trip across the country or continent, or even travelling around the world, it is wise to have a travel insurance. Travel insurance ensures more than just medical claims. In case your airline or hotel cancel unexpectedly, a travel insurance will be there to help.

One of the most popular travel insurance in UK is the Post Office Travel Insurance. The Post Office provides more than just postal services to the UK – the company also provides a range of banking and insurance products, which includes Post Office Travel Insurance.

Post Office has been awarded ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ award for 9 successive years between 2006 and 2015 and it has also won the Silver award in 2016 and 2017 at the British Travel Awards. These awards were voted for by the British public.

The Post Office provides its clients a widespread range of options in relations of their insurance policies. This includes providing rudimentary budget cover in the form of Post Office’s Super Economy Travel Insurance and very complete coverage in the form of the insurance’s Premier Plus policies.

The Post Office insurance travel proposes a wide range when it comes to its cover – Super Economy, Economy, Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus Travel Insurance. These ranges provide all that an individual might be needing from travel insurance, from straightforward to highly inclusive cover.

“An optional Excess Waiver is available to add to your policy if you choose. With a Premier Plus policy, however, an excess waiver is included as standard with your cover. If you take out a Premier or Premier Plus Travel Insurance policy from the Post Office, you can enjoy free access to the airport lounge if your flight is delayed by 2 hours or more providing the delay is announced and the terminal your flight departs from has a lounge that is part of the LoungeKey network” Post Office’s official website claims.

Types of policies available to you

Post Office Travel Insurance policies are provided as Single Trip, Annual Multi-Trip and Backpacker policies with a variety of cover levels to garb every type of break. Extra cover add-ons for ski, cruise and golfing trips are too obtainable.

Single Trip Post Office Travel Insurance

For Single Trip Post Office Travel Insurance, the period of time that your plan will look after you for will depend on your age when you initially obtained your Post Office Travel Insurance policy.

The Post Office’s website claims as follows:

  • Under 71 years old: 365 days per trip
  • Between 71 and 75 years old: 90 days per trip
  • Between 76 and 85: 31 days per trip

As the name of the policy suggests itself, single trip travel insurance is appropriate cover for you if you are just taking a trip once in the upcoming future. If you are planning any more than that and you may want to consider Post Office’s other policy such as annual multi-trip cover.

Post Office for this policy claims: “Use us to protect you on your trip abroad and, as well as cover for emergency medical treatment and lost valuables, you’ll also enjoy personal liability and protection for legal costs you might unexpectedly incur while you are away”.

You may be one of the increasing of independent travelers who tend to book their flights and lodging separately instead of choosing a package holiday. Without appropriate cover you are not enclosed if your airline or hotel provider cancels last minute. Some of Post Office’s travel insurance policies provides protection for this.

Therefore, Post Office claims that the Winter sports, gadgets, cruise, golf and business cover can all be included in for an additional premium.

“Winter sports cover for skiing, ski run walking, snowboarding and skiing & snowboarding off piste within resort boundaries. Essential protection in case of accidents on the piste and damaged or stolen ski equipment and piste closure. If you are participating in any winter sports activities you must purchase the winter sports cover option to be covered for claims relating to these activities.

Cruise cover for missed port, cruise interruption and evening dress hire cover. As well as protecting you if you’re ill or require emergency treatment on board, this cover will pay for you to continue your trip if you miss your departure. There’s also cover if a temporary illness or lost passport interrupts your trip or you need to hire evening dress if yours is lost, stolen or damaged” the official website of The Post Office provides the details.

Their gadget cover ensure additional protection of more that £1,000 per policy in case of loss, theft or damage to mobile, computer, laptop, tablets, consoles, SatNavs, PDAs, drones etc that you took on a trip.

It is important to note that “This cover is per policy and not per person and is in addition to the cover provided for Gadgets under the standard Baggage cover. A policy excess will apply and there may also be a deduction for wear and tear.” The Post Office says.

In case of Golf cover “for golf equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged and non-refundable green fees if you are unable to play due to illness or adverse weather conditions make the course unplayable”.

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

If you consider Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy from the Post Office, you can spread your stay abroad with a voluntary add-on. These journey postponements can spread the limit of your trip by 31, 45, or 60 extra days up from a normal of 17-31 days per trip contingent on your level of cover.

An optional policies of Business Cover, Golf Cover and Cruise Cover is obtainable on policies with smallest Standard Cover or higher.

Around £10m of emergency medical cover when abroad and in case of accident or injury while you are traveling.

They also have 24/7 medical emergency helpline so they are there if you need them.

Purchasing out Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance means that you will be able to travel without the concern, or the hassle, of getting concealment every time you go. If you’re roving more than once this year, you should opt for multi-trip cover.

Their Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is family friendly. Your children under the age of 18 are covered when travelling on a family policy.

So whether you are just planning to watch the football, or a decorative a weekend shopping trip, or are taking a two week family break, and if you are going away multiple times this year, you should consider Multi-Trip Travel Insurance.

“With our Annual Multi-trip policy although you can take multiple trips within the policy year, there is a maximum duration for each individual trip. This limit varies depending on the cover level chosen and will be 17 or 31 days. On some policies the limit can be extended to 45 or 60 days for an additional premium” the official Post Office website claims.

Back Pack Travel Insurance

Although The Post Office thinks that no one can have enough money not to be protected when they travel around the world, they are aware that many backpackers are price aware. So, taking that into account, they offer a choice of cover: Economy and Super Economy.

Both of the policies will cover you for up to 18 months. And you will be able to come back home up to three times for around seven days. It is important to remember that you won’t be covered by this insurance when you are in the UK.
We all are aware that the backpackers tend to be a slight more daring than most travelers so you will be satisfied to know that The Post Office includes lots of sporting activities in their cover.

“From abseiling to gliding as a passenger – as long as you are with a qualified pilot – safari trekking on an organised tour and professionally supervised shark diving in a cage, we will cover you. Our travel insurance even covers you when you play snooker, although we hate to think what sort of injury you might incur. If you’re a fan of winter sports, we can add Winter Sports cover to your policy as an optional extra” the Post Office says on their site.

The best part about this particular cover is that Post Office just not only cover the medical, but they instead offer you. Moreover, in case of an unfortunate event that your baggage or passport is lost, damaged or stolen Post Office can help by paying towards sorting out a spare.

So if you are planning an adventures trip, Post Office’s Backpacker Insurance should be on the top of your list. They cover from sharks to safaris and even snooker. You just need to make sure you are ready for anything that comes your way. Just take out Post Office’s Backpacker Travel Insurance and get ready for your trip.
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