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7 reasons every manager should consider online training

7 reasons every manager should consider online training

Continuous learning is an activity that is highly encouraged for managers and their teams. By taking courses constantly, you will learn new skills and knowledge which can be applied to improve business operations or adjust to changes in the industry. In the past, it was difficult to learn while working since most learning was done in traditional colleges and training centres. However, nowadays numerous qualified coaches and trainers have embraced online education and thus you can sign up for any course online. This article highlights some of the key reasons every manager should consider online training.


The key benefit of online courses is that they are very convenient. You can take the course at your own convenient time and this eliminates the need to take days off work for training. Most of the courses are also very flexible. For example, The BCF Group offer an online ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring programme that is spread over a couple of months and you get to work at your own pace with the support of a tutor. The ability to choose your training hours and speed makes the courses convenient for you and your employees. Another reason online education is convenient is that you don’t have to travel to gain skills and knowledge.

Saves Time and Money

Online courses will save you money in two ways. One, trainers will charge less for online compared to classroom study. Therefore, you end up getting the same knowledge and skill but for a lower price. Second, since you are not travelling to class, you get to save on transport and time.

Lots of Courses to Choose from

Online courses range from simple time management courses to doctorate degrees. There is no limitation to what you can study online; you simply have to identify your goals and pick courses that will assist you in meeting the goals. Planning trainings for your employees is also easier since courses are available in all fields.

Take Courses from Any Country

Since there is no commute for online education, you have the opportunity to take courses offered by experts from different locations. It gives you a great opportunity to get information, skills and mentorship without having to travel to other countries.

Keep Your Training Materials Online

Most trainers will send you materials via email and sign you up on their platforms where you can log in and access the training materials. This will give you quick access to information both during and after training. You can refer to the resources later to refresh your memory.

Close Relationship with the Trainer

Online trainers will talk to you via email and chat. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and get support. Additionally, your training can be more personalised when you are working online with a trainer compared to a classroom course where the trainer has around 10 or more students to attend to.


Just like classroom courses, online courses are accredited and you get a certificate at the end of your course. However, note that just like any other online business, there are a number of illegal trainers. Therefore, evaluate a trainer well before you sign up for their course. If you are not keen, you may end up paying money for a course that won’t add value to your life or business. Evaluating the reputation of the provider will also give you a guarantee that the training you get is reliable.

Investing in the right online course will help you to advance your career or take your business to the next level. You can decide to take a number of courses every year. When choosing an online course for you or your staff members, consider the following:

Support: Go for online courses that give you support through chat, phone or email. A good trainer won’t only provide training materials but also walk with you to ensure that you grasp what the course is meant to deliver.
Accreditation: Another factor you need to consider is whether the facility is accredited. This is a fulfilment that guarantees that the trainer meets the set quality standards.
Reviews: Before you sign up for a course, check if it has any online reviews. You should also do some research on the reputation of the provider. Look for someone with a good reputation who is friendly, especially if you are considering a course with lots of engagement such as the aforementioned ILM Level 5 coaching.

Before you register for an online course, evaluate your needs, check your finances and know your availability. Prioritise training that will give you a boost in areas you are lagging behind. For instance, if you are having a hard time with your employees, start with a course that equips you to be a better manager. Don’t book a course if you aren’t sure you will afford it or will have enough time to complete it.

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