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MOVE Guides Acquires Polaris Global Mobility

MOVE Guides Acquires Polaris Global Mobility

MOVE Guides, which powers worldwide workforce mobility management, today announced it has acquired Polaris Global Mobility. The powerful combination creates the first complete global mobility management platform that makes it possible for companies and individuals to work everywhere, connecting relocation logistics, expatriate management, tax and payroll, and immigration data.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Polaris is at the forefront of expatriate management solutions. A pioneer in the global mobility management space, Polaris has a 16-year history delivering assignment management, tax and payroll for top international companies with their proprietary tax engine covering 100+ countries. This, combined with MOVE Guides relocation management, employee experience and data science, gives companies a strategic advantage, eliminating cumbersome spreadsheet management, fragmented systems, and data silos to provide unprecedented visibility into workforce mobility programs.

As companies now recognize the critical importance of employee engagement and satisfaction in global mobility, global mobility management technologies are critical to providing the most hassle-free experience for employees as well as an efficient, single source of truth solution for HR teams. With the Polaris acquisition, MOVE Guides now offers the vital end-to-end support global companies need to address talent shortages and bolster recruitment, retention, and development efforts.

“MOVE Guides has a keen sense of the direction that global mobility and workforce management is moving, and this acquisition is further evidence of their innovation in meeting the needs of modern business,” said Peggy Smith, chairwoman of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council. “Together, MOVE Guides and Polaris offer a complete platform solution with the efficiency and scale to meet global enterprise needs.”

“MOVE Guides has established itself as an innovation leader, combining a best-in-class employee user experience with an offline partnership with TEAM Relocations Group to deliver relocation services globally,” said Bryan Williams, CEO of Polaris. “They deliver an exceptional experience to employees and very clearly share our commitment to digital innovation and service, which made this deal a natural choice to take our company to the next level.”

MOVE Guides and Polaris share mutual customers with seamless data integration already established between the two platforms. Existing customers will see no immediate change in their platform or service as the MOVE Guides and Polaris teams work to integrate the two into a single, unified platform.

“The Polaris team brings exceptional expatriate management, tax and payroll domain experience, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to MOVE Guides,” said Brynne Kennedy, MOVE Guides CEO and Founder. “Combining our leading-edge solutions under a single umbrella will enable us to deliver the best-in-class, future-ready global mobility management platform to addresses emerging customer needs, provide unprecedented employee support and business growth opportunities for our customers.”

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