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LSA Heating

LSA Heating

Headquartered in London, LSA Heating serves the areas of North, South and West London thanks to the work of skilled plumbers, gas unit experts and heating engineers with 30+ years of experience in the heating, gas and plumbing industries.

These seasoned professionals are equipped with the most recent technology and the know-how to tackle any kind of heating, gas and plumbing work – no matter how difficult you think it is.

Why LSA Heating?

Buyer Protection: With warranty on every job undertaken, deposit protection and liability insurance up to 2.000.000 pounds, LSA Heating leaves nothing to chance when it comes to assuring that you, as a client, are always protected.

Trusted Service: Our professionals are trusted tradesman. They are fully qualified, vetted and motored – with decades of experience they are masters in their craft.

Approved Installation: LSA Heating acts is an approved installer for a variety of brands ranging from Baxi to Vaillant. Our warranties range from 10 years, to 25 years or even a lifetime.

Unforgettable Experience: From the prompt response to your requests, to the quality of the service, and friendliness of our team – we go above and beyond to create the best experience every step of the way.


Heating: From boilers, underfloor heating systems, and unvented cylinders, nothing escapes our trained professionals in their quest to give our clients absolute peace of mind.

Bathrooms: We help you achieve that high-end, stylish look without exorbitant costs associated with it. Our skilled team can effectively design custom-built bathrooms and perform installation, repairs and refurbishment that will wow you.

Gas Servicing: From inspection to maintenance, our professionals have years of experience dealing with a variety of issues. They are more than ready to provide an efficient service no matter what your problem is.

Plumbing: Plumbing is the cornerstone of LSA Heating. Whether you need to get a new tap washer installed or find a great solution for your leaking kitchen drain, our team has the experience, tools and skills to provide you a professional service with lasting results. (see details)

Mission & Vision

LSA Heating was created with the aim to help people have access to high-quality, prompt and efficient heating, gas and plumbing services. Today, our workforce is comprised of skilled plumbers, gas unit experts and heating engineers ready to address any problem and exceed expectations.

Our vision is to continue to wow clients, create unforgettable experiences and deliver quality services at competitive rates across North, South and West London.

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LSA Heating

Address: 16 Queens Drive, Waltham Cross, London EN8 7PP

Phone number: 0741 52 52 522
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