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LSA Electrical

LSA Electrical

LSA Electrical is a London based full-service electrical organization. With more than two decades combined electrical experience, we are convinced that we could perform your next electrical work.

We are known for service upgrades, older home rewiring, renovations, as well as tenant improvements. Our electricians have the knowledge, experience, understanding and the capability to get the job done. LSA Electrical is therefore dedicated to providing the best electrical services. Our team of electricians bears expertise working on electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial units.

No matter what facility you have or perhaps operate, you could always depend on our team of electricians to provide their help. We have been available to our clients 24/7 for the last twenty years.

Our Vision and Mission are to:

  • Work with clients, not against them
  • Fix issues, not create them
  • Get the job done the right way, not the simple way
  • Be reasonable as well as honest
  • Build a lasting relationship with our customers

Our commercial, as well as residential customer support base addresses the majority of London area, and we have been in touch with all of our clients regularly to make sure our successful relationships continue.

Why Use Our Service

At LSA Electrical, we take great pride in always being available to our clients, and there is always someone in the office to pick your call whenever you need us. Our customers are our priority day or night. SA Electrical can always be reached and even provides telephone tech help to all of our customers without any charge.

Have a word with us right now!

LSA Electrical

Address: 16 Queens Drive, London EN8 7PP

Phone number: 0755 791 0404
Price Range: ££