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Guest Posting Service

Guest Posting Service


Guest Post Service

Strengthen your business and increase your website’s findability with a high quality, consistent citation on Corporate Spotlight, including your business’ NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). NAP being a critical factor in local SEO and influencing which companies Google and other search engines show for local intent searches.

Is a citation on Corporate Spotlight different than a guest blog post?

Our guest posting service is different than other guest post services but it’s more beneficial for your business. Corporate Spotlight is not a blog that accepts regular guest posts but a website dedicated to publishing news related to entrepreneurship, small business, corporate businesses, market evolution, aquisitions and awards. We also publish business presentations for businesses who want to enhance their online presence and increase their chances of improved rankings. These business presentations are not stories or pieces of advice or tips but comprehensive presentations including who they are, a description of the products and services offered to the market, unique selling points, mission and vision, NAP. While they are not guest posts, they are even more beneficial than guest posting.

Benefits of guest post publishing your business presentation on Corporate Spotlight

1. Improving your website’s ranking on Google and other major search engines
Your business presentation on Corporate Spotlight will be part of your business’ online assets, linking back to your website, contributing to improving your website’s domain authority and page authority.

2. Strengthening your online reputation
Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone searches for your brand online, creating balance, counteracting misleading trends and cleaning up any damaging content about you online, like negative Google results or risky social media posts showing up in search, allowing you to put your best foot forward. When people search on Google for your business, you don’t want them to see negative news or reviews about your business, about the products and services you offer, on Google’s first page. That’s why the more online assets you have (such as your business presentation on Corporate Spotlight) and the more established online assets you have, the smaller the probability that negative news and reviews will see the light of day on the Google’s first page when people search for your business’ brand name. Take up the entire Google’s first page with your own assets when people search for your business and force negative news or reviews to stay on the second page of Google or even further away from your customers. Your business page on Corporate Spotlight contributes to keeping your online reputation safe and sound.

3. Sending the right message through various channels
Since you can own or control your online assets when people search for your business and see your online assets, you have the opportunity to send people multiple information that will cater to their needs, in more ways than you could do when holding only the first link on Google, to your website. Most of them will land on your website by clicking on the first link, yours. Some may be interested by the other information that you make available through the other online assets of yours. No worry about some people landing on another website or online asset of yours, this is nothing but an opportunity to address their needs fully, probably better than with your own website. Eventually they will get redirected to your website and to the right page on your website, fully aware of who you are, what you offer and the measure you can fullfill their needs.

Publishing business news on Corporate Spotlight

Do you have some news on your business you want to share with our audience? Do you have a press release you want it distributed as widely as possible? Send your news or press releases to Corporate Spotlight and have them published here. The benefits are also obvious. Each new citation will benefit your business from both commercial and SEO points of view.

Write us at contact [@] corporatespotlight [.] co [.] uk and let us know you’re interested in publishing on Corporate Spotlight.

We are accepting contributions from businesses acting on local, national or global markets and in all business areas, here are some examples: advertising, automotive, beauty, books, cars, customer service, education, engineering, family, fashion, finance, first aid, fitness, food, health, health insurance, home improvement, home security, internet marketing, jewelry, law, life insurance, marketing, music, packaging, personal development, personal finance, photography, real estate, small business, technology, travel, web design, wedding.