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Founded in 2013 by experts in projectors, Gobostage is a British company in association with a Romanian partnership at emerging with a talented and professional art department that comes fulfilling the most demanding orders. Gobostage is a manufacturer and direct seller of glass and metal gobos, catalog or personalized, designed for the entertainment lighting and special event industries.

Our fast and efficient custom gobo service is available direct to customers all over the world. We pay attention to detail, quality and speed of turnaround are features of the service. Gobostage highly experienced graphics sales team is very well qualified to offer advice and individual consultation with the client to ensure design and cost implications are fully considered.

Steel gobos are one of the most common types of gobo. These are the most durable type of gobo and are made by cutting the logo, words, or image out of a template of steel. Although they will discolor some due to oxidation over time from the intense heat of the lamps, steel gobos are still usable regardless of the discoloration. Since this type of gobo is cut out of steel, there cannot be any floating pieces of the design. For example, if there is an ”O”, small bridges or tabs must be used to keep the middle piece of the ”O” in place so that the piece doesn’t fall out. Depending on the design and how much will change the aesthetics of the design, this may or may not be something that you want. While we prefer professional vector artwork, we can work from pretty much any artwork you provide as metal gobo designs don”t require high resolution artwork.

Our custom glass gobos are made from transparent glass coated with a partial mirror over the portions that shouldn’t be displayed. This coating blocks light, allowing the transparent part of the glass to create the design that you want shown in the light. Since there is no restrictions in terms of using bridges or tabs in the design, glass gobos allow much more freedom and intricacy with design. Glass gobos can also add coloring to create a stained glass look. This can allow for the gobo to display a design with multiple colors at the same time. Thats why, the creation process of glass gobos makes this option a little more expensive, although more customizable. Our gobos can only be as good as your artwork. We make our glass gobos in ultra high optical resolution. However, the quality of the gobo is limited by the quality of your artwork.

Our current services include:

  • Custom and Catalog Gobos – Color and Full Color, Greyscale and Black and White
  • Custom Metal Gobos – Custom metal in any size
  • Special event Gobos – Design your own special gobo for your event or special day
  • Laser Marking – Laser engraving service for gobo ring identification
  • Same-Day Turn-Around for custom glass Black and White gobos

Gobostage is focused on manufacturing the highest quality gobos at the competitive prices.

Let us put your image ”on stage”.


Address: 77A Eastbury Rd, Watford WD19 4JN

Phone number: +44 20 3575 1121
Price Range: £