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New Online Platform CHOOZ to Revolutionise Events Industry

New Online Platform CHOOZ to Revolutionise Events Industry

A new concept for events staff and organisers launches this week. CHOOZ will revolutionise the industry by cutting out the need for staffing agencies, putting event organisers in direct contact with event staff.

CHOOZ is an online platform where staff details and rates are accessed directly. Event organisers browse the directory of staff and make their selection based on availability, skills and experience.

Staff post their hourly rate, a photo, and brief details. Once selected the organiser gets to see the full details of the individual, and gets in touch. Staff are paid the rate they have agreed, and work the hours specified. Organisers know who they are hiring, and staff know what their role is. By cutting out event company middlemen, organisers cut costs and hand pick the right people for their event.

In another innovation, CHOOZ staff are employees, not contractors, with full rights to paid leave, employer pension contributions, and sick pay. Unlike many model agencies and staff contracts, CHOOZ delivers all the protection and rights under UK employment law.

Putting staff in control also insures against any risk of bullying or harassment at work, and a robust “Framework for Fairness” ensures that any complaints are fast-tracked for resolution. A Whistleblower Policy means staff can take action if they experience any inappropriate behaviour.

A review system ensures that both staff and organisers are rated, meaning the very best staff will stand out, and the very best organisers will be a magnet for talented staff.

“For too long, events staff have had to put up with low pay, few rights, and have faced inappropriate behaviour from event attendees with little or no protection,” said Dennis Oudejans, Founder of CHOOZ.

CHOOZ had a soft-launch in November 2017, and has already signed up around 1,000 staff spread across the UK. This is a far wider choice than any conventional agency, and numbers continue to rise. In February 2018, CHOOZ will be ready to introduce them to event organisers, and the first bookings will take place soon afterwards.

Miriam Aguera, Operations Manager of CHOOZ, added: “We believe CHOOZ will revolutionise the events industry, and bring long-overdue fairness and transparency to the market. Through our unique platform, staff and organisers are given total freedom and control of their employment. Technology means we can empower staff and cut costs for organisers. A new era in events is about to begin.”

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